“At Home with the Collective: A Summit on Communal Housing,” convened at UIC Architecture in Chicago, Thursday, October 19 – Friday, October 20, 2023. This 2-day summit gathered speakers from around the world, local stakeholders and activists, as well as city officials who have radically rethought established norms of living, models of homeownership, and the formal, programmatic, material, and legal parameters of housing. Our ambition was to generate new knowledge that can confront the current struggle for affordability and speak to the potential of collective housing as a productive challenge for architecture.

research _ Award for Creative Activity

The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research at UIC awarded Eisenschmidt the Creative Activity Prize for the book project Felix Candela in Chicago, 2020.

City of Architectural Fiction

Journal of Architectural Education (JAE 72:1) published the “City of Architectural Fiction” drawing (previously on view at Lisbon Triennale, 2016) as part of the Discursive Image series.

VC News

VC Project featured in UIC News

research/teaching _ CONVERSATIONS ON THE CITY

CONVERSATIONS ON THE CITY: This is an ongoing series of conversations on topics related to the contemporary city. The core of these dialogues lies in the pursuit of an architectural urbanism, in identifying different forms of engagements with the city, and in formulating the project of architecture as that of the city. Recordings of conversations include: Martin Felsen, Winy Maas, Stanley Tigerman, Bernard Tschumi (published in City Catalyst with AD), Andrew Zago, and Elia Zenghelis.

research/teaching _ EXTRAPOLATED CITY

Liyan_VisionaryImage copy

Extrapolated City exagerates isolated conditions of the existing city in order to create new forms of urbanism, where rivers runs through intersections, bridges start to cross between skyscrapers, lakes appear in the Loop, rooftops become lush gardens, buildings begin to set back, vertical parks grow tall, urban graphics are written into the shoreline, and individual monuments form historical archipelagos.

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