The Visionary Cities Project developed an iPhone app in collaboration with Cheng+Snyder (www.chengsnyder.com).

This app not only visualizes the large amount of visionary proposals for the city of Chicago but also accompanies the Visionary Chicago Panorama at the exhibition City Works in order to give access to the many projects in the drawing. While the panorama composes a parallel unbuilt city within the confines of the gallery, the iPhone app makes connections to the existing city outside. Here, knowledge about these schemes escapes the gallery and ventures into the city. It allows users to locate and visualize past utopian schemes while traveling through Chicago, with the goal of encouraging playful urban speculation in the present. Download the free iPhone app here.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 12.46.40 AM

Screenshots of app viewing Greg Lynn’s Stranded Sears Tower project:

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Press Coverage:
“Phantom Chicago: See the City’s Unbuilt Visionary Projects,” DesignBoom
“Chicago Has Loads of Surreal, Never-Built Visionary Architecture,” The Atlantic
“Smartphone App Resurrects a Phantom Chicago,” CTBUH Global News

With generous support by: Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement at UIC.

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